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The difference between the right word and the almost-right word
is the difference between lightning and the lightning bug.

- Mark Twain

It's tough out there for a writer, and the publishing world can be a frustrating place. Very few people have the time, or ability, to help others write publishable work, but we do.

With a large staff of published and prize-winning authors and editors, we have the experience you're looking for, and we're happy to put our know-how to work for you.

We can edit your work, help you revise, tutor you in personalized one-on-one sessions, offer you a thorough analysis, and then point you toward the doors that are sometimes hard to find.

Even if all you have is a great idea for a book or screenplay, our ghostwriting experts can bring your idea to life.

The Iowa Book Doctors is willing to help writers of all skill levels to achieve their goals. We'll take our time, talk with you until we understand your vision. We actually read your manuscript. Then we read it again, and again.

Only when we really understand your work and your goals do we begin offering advice. Our critiques have run as long as 70 pages, and we're always willing to sit down and talk afterwards, as long as it takes, until you completely understand what you need to do next.

What more could you ask for? You've got a room full of published and prize-winning authors willing to give you their time and attention. You don't need to work alone any longer.


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